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Why was my account deactivated?

Why was my account deactivated?

SimplyHired considers security to be a top priority and actively monitors site activity to protect its users.

In order to safeguard our users, SimplyHired will sometimes deactivate accounts that appear to pose a problem. There are several reasons that an account may be deactivated:

  • Unverified user. The identity of the user (person creating the employer account) cannot be verified. See Why do you ask for my ID during the verification process? for more information about the verification process and why it is important.
  • Potential scam or spam. There is evidence that a job posting may pose a risk. Job descriptions that mention scams, spam, or other “opportunities” that may be harmful to job seekers (for example, “network marketing”, “franchise opportunity”, “start-up fees”) are prohibited. See SimplyHired Job Posting Guidelines for details.
  • User company. The relationship between the user and the hiring company cannot be established. When this happens then we cannot be sure that the user has the authority to submit the job posting and nor that the job being listed is authentic.
  • Potential violation of our Terms of Service. In addition to the above issues, an account will be terminated any time there appears to be a violation of our Terms of Service. Every employer is responsible for reading the Terms of Service and ensuring that the entirety of their presence on SimplyHired complies with them.

What next?

You may have received an email notifying you of an account deactivation. Or you may have been notified while signing up for a SimplyHired account or while attempting to post a job listing.

Log into your account and you will see a message saying that your account has been terminated. Verify that your account and your job listing meet our Terms of Service. If you believe your account was deactivated in error, you may file an appeal by selecting the Contact Us link and completing the associated form.

Screen shot showing the text that is displayed for a deactivated account, as well as showing links to the terms of service and contact us.


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