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Jobs page

Jobs page

The  Jobs page is the default page when you sign into SimplyHired. On it, you can view the job postings you created or are assigned to you as a member of a hiring team. You can also view and manage the applicants who have applied to those job postings. See Main pages of the Hiring platform.

If your role permits, you can manage job postings.

Use these techniques to get started with the Jobs page

  • Sort the job postings – Select the column heading by which you want to sort, such as the Applicants or Revealed column. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

  • Filter the list to show only certain job postings – Select one or more of the Live, Drafting, Paused, or Closed buttons to view only those job postings. To view all jobs again, just select All Jobs or select a filter again to clear it.

    Filters available on the Jobs page: All Jobs, Live, Drafting, Paused, and Closed, showing Drafting and Paused filters selected.

  • Review a job posting’s applicants – Click or tap anywhere on the job posting to open the Applicants page. See Review and reveal a job posting’s applicants.

  • Add a new job posting – Select Post a Job. See Add a new job posting.

  • Edit a job posting – Select its Edit button. See Edit a job posting.

  • Pause a job posting – Select its … More Actions button and select Pause Job. See Pause a job posting.

  • Set a paused job to “Go Live” – Select its … More Actions button and select Go Live. See Reopen and go live with a job posting.

  • Close a job posting – Select its … More Actions button and select Close Job. See Close a job posting.

  • Duplicate a job posting – Select its … More Actions button and select Duplicate Job. See Duplicate a job posting.

  • View the live job posting and manually upload applicant information – Select its … More Actions button and select View Live Post. See View the live job posting.

  • Delete a job posting (which deletes its applicants, too) – Select its … More Actions button and select Delete Job. See Delete a job posting and its applicants.

Jobs page of Hiring, with numbered callouts on various locations of the page

  1. Post a Job – Select to create a new job posting.
  2. Status filter – Select a status option to filter your job postings.
  3. Job sorting – Select a column heading to sort your job postings.
  4. Job post – Select to view job details and applicants who have applied.
  5. Finish button – Select to complete the Post a Job process for this job posting.
  6. Edit button – Select to edit a job posting that has already completed the Post a Job process.
  7. Ellipses (…) – Select the and choose one of the options (options vary depending on the current status of the job):
    • Go Live – Set the job posting to live (available for applicants to search for and apply to).
    • Close Job – Close a job posting to stop accepting applicants.
    • Duplicate Job – Use the information in this job posting for a new, similar job posting.
    • Delete Job – Delete this job posting and all its applicants.
    • Pause Job – Set the job posting to pause.
    • View Live Post – View the live job posting and manually upload applicant information.


Last updated: April 11, 2022
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