Assign a job posting’s hiring team

Assign a job posting’s hiring team

The job posting's hiring team consists of the SimplyHired users on your hiring team who will participate in the hiring process. By default, you are designated as the Hiring Manager.

To assign a job posting's hiring team

  1. On the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Edit, then select Edit for the Hiring Team section.

  2. Select .

  3. Select one or more team members for the hiring team, then select Add Team Members.

  4. To remove a hiring team member, select the next to the user's name. Select Yes to confirm.

    This does not delete the user from the company account; it simply removes them from the hiring team for this specific job posting. You can always add the user again if needed.

  5. Select the job specific user role for each hiring team member. There can be only one Hiring Manager for each job posting, but there can be multiple team members who are Interviewers or Reviewers.

  6. When ready, select Continue.


Last updated: August 17, 2021
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