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Close a job posting

Close a job posting

If your role permits, follow these steps to close a job posting so you stop accepting applications. Closing a job posting does not delete it. You can re-open it in future. See Reopen and go live with a job posting.

Typically, you'll close a job posting after you have completed all hiring activity for that job posting.

If you want to temporarily stop accepting applications, see Pause a job posting instead.

To close a job posting

  1. On the  Jobs page, filter the list by Live.

  2. Find the job posting you want to close and select Review Applicant > Close Job.

  3. Select an option indicating if you made a hire for this job posting.

    • Yes - With SimplyHired
    • Yes - Not with SimplyHired
    • No - I'm still evaluating applicants
    • No - I did not receive enough qualified applicants
    • No - I did not receive any applicants
    • No - I no longer need to hire
    • No - Other
  4. Select Close Job.


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