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Edit an email template

Edit an email template

If your role permits, follow these steps to edit a default (built-in) or custom email template.

When you update email template, the updated version will automatically be used in any workflows.

To edit an email template

  1. In the upper-right corner, select your initials > Settings.
  2. On the Templates tab, select Email Templates.
  3. Find the email template you want to edit and select Edit.
  4. On the Edit Email Template form, complete the fields. Required fields are designated on-screen by a red asterisk *.

    • Template name – Editable only for a custom email template. Enter a unique name.
    • Subject – Enter the subject of your email message, including using dynamic text tags such as Job title. The tags will be replaced with actual content when an email message is generated using the template. To insert a dynamic text tag, click where you want to place the tag within the body of the message and then select the appropriate tag from the available options above.
    • Message – Enter the body of the email message.

      • Use the formatting tools to craft an attractive message. A well-formatted message is not only easier to read, but it can also make a positive impression about your company.

      • Use dynamic text tags, as described above.

    • Attachment (optional) – Attach one or more files in PDF, DOC, DOCX, and RTF (Rich Text File) format. To delete an attachment, hover the mouse cursor over it and then select  Remove file. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, tap the title of the attachment to reveal the button.

      If the file will be a stock item, such an HR brochure about benefits, it makes sense to attach it to the email template. Otherwise, don’t add attachments to the email template itself, letting the user who uses the email template later attach any necessary files.

  5. When ready, select Save Template.

To send yourself a test message based on this email template, select its Edit button again and select Send Test Email.


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