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Edit a custom workflow

Edit a custom workflow

If your role permits, follow these steps to edit a custom workflow. Built-in workflows cannot be edited.

If you’ve used the custom workflow for any job postings, those job postings will be retroactively updated to reflect your changes.

To edit a custom workflow

  1. In the upper-right corner, select your initials > Settings.
  2. On the Workflows tab, find the workflow you want to edit and select Edit.
  3. Edit the workflow as needed, using the techniques described in Add a custom workflow.

    1. Add, rename, re-order, and delete stages, as needed.
    2. Add, edit, and delete stage items, as needed.
  4. When finished editing:

    • If you edited only stage items, you’re all set. Your edits have already been saved.
    • If you added, edited, or moved any of the stages, select Save Workflow.

    You can also edit the workflow for a specific job posting, including adding events to stages. See Edit a job posting. Keep in mind that changes made to a workflow for a specific job posting do not affect the workflow template.


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