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Enter or edit basic information about a job posting

Enter or edit basic information about a job posting

Step 1 of the Post a Job, Edit a Job, or Duplicate a Job wizard is to enter the basic job information on the Job Info screen.

  • Required fields are designated on-screen by a red asterisk *.
  • At any point, you can save your work by selecting Save & Finish Later (if posting a new job) or Save & Preview (if editing an existing job posting). You will need to come back later and finish the wizard. See Finish a job posting left in the drafting state.

Fields for entering basic job information, including job title, location, type, experience level, and salary.

To enter or edit basic job information

  1. To enter basic job information for a new job posting, on the  Jobs page, select Post a job to start the Post a job wizard.

    Or, to edit basic job information for an existing job posting, on the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Review Applicant > Edit Job, and then select Edit in the Job Info section.

  2. Enter the Job title.

    Type a brief but specific title that accurately describes the job. As you type, any job titles you entered in the past will appear, and you can select one that matches that job. Avoid using internal jargon for the title, as that may confuse job seekers and diminish your pool of applicants.

  3. Specify the Job location.

    • For an on-location job, enter at least the city and state.

      This information is used to find job seekers near the job location.

    • For a telecommute/work-from-home job, select the checkbox and then select the appropriate option, such as Fully remote.
  4. Under Job type, select one or more checkboxes that best describe the job, such as Full-time.
  5. From the Minimum experience dropdown list, select the appropriate option, such as Entry level.
  6. Under Salary, do one of the following:

    • To enter a salary range, select Salary Range and then enter the low and high ends of the range and select the period, such as per year.
    • To enter an exact salary, select Salary and then enter the salary and select the period, such as per year. To set an hourly rate, enter the hourly salary and select per hour.
  7. When ready, select Save & Preview if you are done editing your job posting, or select Continue to progress to Step 2 of the wizard. See Enter or edit the detailed description of a job posting.


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