Enter the detailed description of a job

Enter the detailed description of a job

Step 2 of the Post a Job, Edit a Job, or Duplicate a Job wizard is to enter a detailed description of the job. The Job Description page offers a lightweight editor.

  • You might prefer to draft the text of the job description outside of the wizard (for example, in Word), especially to catch typos and grammar errors. You can then paste the text into lightweight editor in the wizard and format it.

  • As you work, observe the quality wheel as it scores the job description and offers suggestions for improvement. The higher the score, the more effective the description.

To enter a detailed description of a job

  1. On the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Edit, then select Edit for the Job Description section.

  2. In the Job Description box, enter the description for the job. The more details you provide – with attractive formatting – the better the quality of the description. See SimplyHired Job Posting Guidelines.

    • Use the formatting bar to select a font, set the font size, select a style (such as a heading), and create bullet or number lists.

    • Follow the Post quality tips to improve your job description.

  3. When ready, select Continue. See Add Auto Qualify questions for a job posting (including Auto Reject).

Using the lightweight editor

Step 2 in the Post a Job Process - Job Description - showning the lightweight editor and job description text

  1. Formatting ribbon – Select options on the formatting ribbon to change the font, size, paragraph style, or format. You can also insert bulleted or numbered lists.
  2. Text area – Type your job description text here.
  3. Post Quality Score – Review this section to ensure that your post meets the minimum post quality standards. If it does not, this section will suggest tips for improving your job posting description.

Tips for writing a good description

A good job description can help you attract quality applicants. Read the description from applicants’ point of view. Avoid using company-specific jargon that may confuse applicants. Make sure you offer them a clear understanding of the job and its responsibilities and qualifications.

  • Meet the minimum requirements – The job description must:

    • Be between 30 and 1,000 words.

    • Have no major formatting issues, for example, multiple explanation points at the end of a sentence.

    • Not contain words or phrases that violate our guidelines. SimplyHired Job Posting Guidelines.

    • Not include any links in the job description, as that violates our Terms of Service.

  • Include a summary – A good summary provides an overview of your company. You can describe the company culture and explain the primary expectations about the job.

  • Describe the responsibilities – Outline the core responsibilities of the job. Highlight the job’s day-to-day activities, and explain how the job fits into the overall company structure.

  • List the qualifications – Keep the list short and concise. Include the most important hard and soft skills an applicant needs to be successful.

  • List the benefits – Describe the benefits and perks an applicant can expect if hired.


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