Sign up for and activate your employer account

Sign up for and activate your employer account

Signing up for and activating an employer account on SimplyHired is easy.

Account activation is not the same thing as employer verification. For more information on employer verification, see Why do I need to verify my account?

Get ready

  1. In your browser, begin at

  2. In the upper-right corner, select Sign In / Create Account, then select Employer ATS.

  3. Options under the Sign In / Create Account menu - Job Seeker, Employer ATS, and Human Resources

  4. On the sign-in screen, select Post your first job today. (You will create your account and post your first job now; or post it later, when you are ready.)

    Employer Sign In screen with the Post your first job today link highlighted

Set up your employer account

  1. On the Welcome to SimplyHired screen, enter your first and last names, email address (which you will use to log into your employer account in the future), and phone number. Also set and confirm your password.

  2. Select Next.

Add your organization’s details

The Add Company Details screen opens.

  1. On the Add Company Details screen, enter your organization’s name and website. Also select the size and industry.

  2. Verify that everything is correct and select Sign up.

Confirm your email address

  1. As instructed by the Check Your Email screen, check your email for a confirmation email from SimplyHired.

  2. In the confirmation email, select the Confirm your email link.

  3. Your account is now successfully activated. Select Back to Sign In and then sign in again. Continue to Draft your first job posting – step-by-step.

  4. You are now prompted to accept terms regarding offers for recruiting assistance services. Read the terms of service and agreement carefully. You are not obligated to accept.

    • To accept the terms, type your name in the text box and select I agree.

    • To decline accepting the terms, select No, Thanks.

You are now ready to draft your first job posting.


Last updated: August 09, 2021
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