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Parts of the Hiring platform

Parts of the Hiring platform

The ATS Hiring Platform has three main parts: the top bar, the side bar, and the content pane.

Top bar

Top navigation bar of the Hiring platform

  1. Home page button – Select to return to the home page, which is the Jobs page.
  2. Search option – Select to open search options for jobs or applicants, from any page in the Hiring platform.
  3. Post a Job – Select to start the Post a Job process. See Add a new job posting.
  4. Platform – Select to switch between the Hiring platform and other SimplyHired platforms you subscribe to.
  5. Your initials – Select to open a menu from which you can view your account and edit your profile, access the Hiring Help Center, manage Hiring settings, and sign out.

Side bar

Use the icons in the side bar to go to the Jobs page, Inbox page, and Interviews page; or to claim early access to the forthcoming Smart Matches feature on the Smart Matches page.

Side navigation bar, showing icons to access different parts of the Hiring platform

Content pane

You'll do most of your work in the Content pane as you view and manage jobs and applicants.

Center panel of the Hiring platform where you will do your work

  1. Page title
  2. Sort by and filter options for the Jobs page


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