Add a new job posting

Add a new job posting

If your role permits, follow these steps to add a new job posting.

To add a new job posting

  1. On the  Jobs page, select Post a Job to start the Post a Job wizard.

  2. Step through the screens of the wizard.

1. Enter the basic job information

For more details, see Enter basic information about a job.

  1. Enter the Job title.

  2. Specify the Job location.

    • For an on-location job, enter at least the city and state.

    • For a telecommute/work-from-home job, select the check box and then select the appropriate option, such as Fully remote.

  3. Under Job type, select one or more check boxes that best describe the job, such as Full-time.

  4. From the Minimum experience drop-down list, select the appropriate option, such as Entry level.

  5. Under Salary, do one of the following:

    • To enter a salary range, select Salary Range and then enter the low and high ends of the range and select the period, such as per year.

    • To enter an exact salary, select Salary and then enter the salary and select the period, such as per year. To set an hourly rate, enter the hourly salary and select per hour.

  6. When ready, select Continue.

2. Enter the description of the job

For more details, see Enter the detailed description of a job.

  1. In the Job Description box, enter the description for the job. The more details you provide – with attractive formatting – the better the quality of the description. See SimplyHired Job Posting Guidelines.

    • Use the formatting bar to select a font, set the font size, select a style (such as a heading), and create bullet or number lists.

    • Follow the Post quality tips to improve your job description.

  2. When ready, select Continue.

3. Set up Auto Qualify options

With the Auto Qualify and Auto Reject options, you can select Screener Questions to prescreen applicants. Initially, we recommend setting up only the standard Auto Qualify options from the preconfigured Screener Questions list. You can come back later and set up your own custom questions and Auto Reject options.

For more details, see Add Auto Qualify questions for a job posting (including Auto Reject).

  1. At the left, from the list of default screener questions, turn on any questions you want to use. Also specify if answers from applicants are required in order for them to submit their application.

  2. At the right, you can select Add Question to add one or more custom questions.

    Custom questions must not be discriminatory or illegal, personally invasive, or otherwise violate the Terms of Service.

    We’ll skip adding custom questions for now, as well as setting up Auto Reject options.

  3. Select Preview to open a panel that shows how the screener questions will be presented to applicants. To close the panel, select x in the upper-right corner.

  4. When ready, select Continue.

4. Select a hiring workflow

A hiring workflow outlines the stages through which applicants will move from applying to being hired.

For now, we will use SimplyHired’s standard hiring workflow. Therefore, you are ready to continue, so select Continue.

If you're interested in creating your own custom hiring workflow now (or later) for this job posting, see Add a custom workflow.

For more details, see Select a workflow for a job posting.

5. Set up the hiring team

The job posting's hiring team consists of the SimplyHired users on your hiring team who will participate in the hiring process.

When you draft your first job posting, you are the only user and you are by default designated as the Hiring Manager. Therefore, you are ready to continue, so select Continue.

When you draft additional job postings, you may have other users who can be added to the hiring team. For more details, see Assign a job posting’s hiring team.

6. Review the job posting and publish it

  1. Review the job posting.

    1. To fix any corrections or make other selections, select Edit beside a section to return to its screen.

    2. To save the changes and move to the next step in the job posting process, select Continue.

    3. To save the changes and finish later, select Save & Finish Later or Save & Preview.

  2. Before continuing, review the legal notice at the bottom of the screen, which states:

    By pressing publish, you agree that this job posting will be posted and applications will be processed in accordance with SimplyHired’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You consent to SimplyHired informing a user that you have opened, viewed, or made a decision regarding the user’s application.

  3. When finished reviewing the job posting, select Continue.

  4. SimplyHired then calculates the applicant contact information reveal price. This price will vary depending on the job title, location, and other market factors.

    1. To see how the price has been calculated for your job posting, select How is the price calculated? See also How much will my job postings cost?

    2. When ready, select Continue (or Publish, if your account has already been verified).


Last updated: August 17, 2021
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