Add a custom workflow

Add a custom workflow

If your role permits, follow these steps to add a custom workflow.

Instead of adding a custom workflow from scratch, you can also duplicate an existing one and then edit the new one.

To add a custom workflow

  1. In the upper-right corner, select your name > Settings.

  2. On the Workflows tab, select + New Workflow, enter a unique workflow name, and select Save.

  3. Find the new workflow in the list and select Edit.

  4. Select the stages to include. Several stages have been included by default.

    • To add a new stage, go to the bottom of the stages list and select Add new workflow stage. Enter its name and select Add stage.

    • To rename a stage (where allowed), select Rename. Enter the new name and select Confirm.

    • To delete a stage (where allowed), select Delete. To confirm, select Delete.

  5. If needed, re-order the stages (where allowed).

    • To move a stage, grab it by the dots to the left of its name and then drag the stage to the desired position.

  6. If you've added a new stage, select Save Workflow before adding stage items.

  7. Add stage items.

    • To add an item to a stage, select the stage’s Add stage item button and select an item from the drop-down list. The available items depend on the stage.

    • Send email

      1. Choose an existing email template or select Create a new email template to add one now. Use the techniques described in Add a custom email template. When ready, select Use Selected Template.

      2. Choose the sender, such as the Hiring Manager.

      3. Choose the recipient, such as Applicant.
      4. Specify when to send the email, relative to when the stage is updated for the applicant.

        Now means send the message as soon as the applicant's status or stage is updated; 12 hours means wait 12 hours, etc.

      5. Select Add Email.

    • Assessment

      1. Choose an existing assessment template or select Create a new assessment to add one now. Use the techniques described in Add an assessment. When ready, select Use Selected Assessment.
      2. Choose an email template, such as the Default Assessment Invitation.
      3. Select Add Assessment.


Last updated: August 10, 2021
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