Edit a job posting

Edit a job posting

If your role permits, follow these steps to edit an existing job posting.

To edit a job posting

  1. On the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Edit.

  2. Review and edit the job posting sections as needed.

    1. To fix any corrections or make other selections, select Edit beside a section to return to its screen.

    2. To save the changes and move to the next step in the job posting process, select Continue.

    3. To save the changes and finish later, select Save & Preview.

  3. Before continuing, review the legal notice at the bottom of the screen, which states:

    By pressing publish, you agree that this job posting will be posted and applications will be processed in accordance with SimplyHired’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You consent to SimplyHired informing a user that you have opened, viewed, or made a decision regarding the user’s application.

  4. When finished reviewing the job posting, select Continue.

  5. SimplyHired then calculates the applicant contact information reveal price and informs you of what services it offers free of charge vs. what services you will pay for. You will be charged only for each applicant that you deem qualified and wish to contact, for a calculated per-applicant price. This price will vary depending on the job title, location, and other market factors.

    1. To see how the price has been calculated for your job posting, select How is the price calculated? See also How much will my job postings cost?

    2. When ready, select Continue (or Publish, if your account has already been verified).


Last updated: August 17, 2021
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