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Add or edit a workflow for a job posting

Add or edit a workflow for a job posting

Step 5 of the Post a Job, Edit a Job, or Duplicate a Job wizard is to add a hiring workflow. A hiring workflow outlines the stages through which applicants will move during your hiring process, from applying to being hired.

You can select the workflow template for a new job posting or for a job posting that is still in the drafting state (has not yet been published). Once the job posting has been published, you cannot change the workflow template, but you can add additional stage events to the selected workflow template. For more information, see Step 3 below.

Whether you are creating a new job posting or editing an existing job posting (that has been published), you can add events to each stage in the hiring workflow to create a custom workflow for that specific job posting. You cannot, however, remove or edit events or stages of a custom workflow that has been selected in the Post a job wizard.

To select a workflow for a job posting

  1. To add a workflow for a new job posting, on the  Jobs page, select Post a job to start the Post a job wizard. Complete Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4, and select Continue.

    Or, to edit a workflow for an existing job posting, on the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Review Applicant > Edit Job, and then select Edit for the Workflow section.

  2. Select a hiring workflow template from the Select a Template dropdown list.

    Alternatively, to create your own custom hiring workflow and use it for this job posting, select New Workflow and follow the steps in Add a custom workflow.

  3. To add an event to a stage, hover your mouse over the stage you want to edit and select Add Event. You can choose between Send Email or Send Assessment for most stages. For more information, see Manage stage items in a workflow.
  4. When ready select Save & Preview if you are done editing your job posting, or select Continue to progress to Step 6 of the wizard. See Assign or edit a job posting’s hiring team.

List of hiring stages for this job posting, along with options to select a workflow template, create a new workflow, or add a new workflow stage.


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