Select a workflow for a job posting

Select a workflow for a job posting

A hiring workflow outlines the stages through which applicants will move from applying to being hired.

You can select the workflow for a job posting that is still in the Drafting state (has not yet been published). Once the job posting has been published, you cannot change the workflow.

To select a workflow for a job posting

  1. On the  Jobs page, find the job posting you want to edit and select Edit, then select Edit for the Workflow section.

  2. Select a hiring workflow from the Select a Template drop-down list.

    Alternatively, to create your own custom hiring workflow and use it for this job posting, select New Workflow. Follow the steps in Add a custom workflow.

  3. When ready, select Continue. See Assign a job posting’s hiring team.


Last updated: August 17, 2021
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