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How do I find my job postings?

How do I find my job postings?

All of the jobs that you and others in your hiring team post to SimplyHired are listed on the Jobs page of the ATS Hiring Platform. Here is where you will see every job posting from your company: the ones that are currently open, the ones that are closed, and even the ones that are still being drafted.

When you log in as a SimplyHired employer, you will automatically be taken to the Hiring platform and shown your Jobs page. You can sort the jobs by several different fields, and you can filter the list by status: Live, Closed, Drafting, or Paused. Or you can use the Search field to search for a job posting to zero in on the exact job listing you are looking for.

The Hiring platform is more than just where to find your jobs. This is where you will go to view, email, and manage your applicants. Learn more in Main pages of the Hiring platform.


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