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Edit a user’s profile

Edit a user’s profile

If your role permits, follow these steps to edit a user’s profile, including their name, phone number, job title, and location. To change a user's email address, see Change a user’s email address.

You can also change their account-specific user role and change their status to active, inactive, or unverified. Deactivating a user rather than deleting a user preserves the user data such as applicant notes and interview feedback. For example, you can deactivate a user who has gone on an extended leave. When they return to work, use the same process to reactivate them.

To edit a user’s profile

  1. In the upper-right corner, select your initials > Settings.
  2. On the Users tab, find the user whose profile you want to edit and select View. (Alternatively, click or tap anywhere on the user’s row.)
  3. On the Edit Profile form, edit the fields as needed. Required fields are designated on-screen by a red asterisk *.
  4. To change the user’s account-specific role, select the new role from the Account Specific User Role dropdown list.

    Assigning an account-specific role to a user grants them special permissions and access to different features. See About roles and permissions.

  5. To change the user’s status, select the appropriate option from the Status dropdown list:

    • Inactive – Deactivates the user, without deleting them.
    • Active – Reactivates the user.
    • Unverified – Reverts the user to the unverified state and resends them the invitation email.
  6. When ready, select Save.


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