About roles and permissions

About roles and permissions

This topic describes roles that can be assigned to users and what permissions those roles grant.

Account-specific roles

As part of their profile, each user is assigned an account-specific role within the company account, which grants them specific permissions and access to platform features. See Add a new user to the company account and Edit a user’s profile.

  • Basic User – Can be assigned to the hiring teams associated with job postings as a reviewer, an interviewer, or as a hiring manager. Has access only to their assigned job postings.
  • Recruiting Admin – Has all of the permissions of a Basic User, but can also create and manage all job postings, manage workflows and templates, view and edit applicant profiles, and view the Users page. Additionally, they have all the permissions that hiring managers (see below) have for the job postings to which they have been assigned.
  • Site Admin – Has all of the permissions of a Recruiting Admin, but can also add users, manage their profiles, change permissions, de-activate/re-activate users, and delete users (in addition to all permissions of a Recruiting Admin user.
  • Account Owner – Has all of the permissions of a Site Admin, but can also edit account information, managing billing, transfer account ownership to another Site Admin user and delete the company account.

Hiring team roles

Any user can also be assigned a role on the hiring team associated with a job posting. The same user can be assigned to multiple job postings and can serve a different role on each job's hiring team. For example, a user might be a reviewer on one hiring team and an interviewer on another.

  • Hiring Manager – Can view and move applicants, make internal comments on applicant profiles, and send applicant emails.
  • Interviewer – Can view and move applicants and make internal comments on applicant profiles.
  • Reviewer – Can make internal comments on applicants. .


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