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Review and reveal a job posting’s applicants

Review and reveal a job posting’s applicants

If your role permits, follow these steps to review the applicants who have applied to a job post. You can pay to reveal the contact information of those applicants that you deem qualified.

Essentially, you’ll split the applicants into three groups:

  • Revealed – Potentially a good fit for the position and you will pay to reveal their contact information.
  • Not Interested (rejected) – Not a good fit. You can always change your mind later. See Reconsider a rejected applicant.
  • Starred – Applicants that you're not sure about yet.

Your decision to either reveal or "star" an applicant won’t be divulged to the applicants. If you reject an applicant, you can optionally send the default rejection email to the applicant.

To review applicants for a job posting

  1. Open the  Jobs page and find the job posting whose applicants you want to review. Look for the “Awaiting Review” message, which informs you how many applicants are waiting for your review.
  2. Click or tap anywhere on the job posting’s row to open its list of applicants.
  3. On the Applicants page, select an applicant to review and do the following:

    1. On the applicant’s Application tab, study each section of the application. For example, if a cover letter was required, expand the Cover Letter section to read the applicant’s letter. If there are any Auto Qualify questions for this job posting, review the answers. A Disqualifying Answer is indicated with a red flag. You may still choose to reveal an applicant with a Disqualifying Answer.

      Small section of the Applicants page, showing the Auto Qualify answers for an applicant with a callout to a red flag (a disqualifying answer) for one answer.

    2. (Optional) On the Notes tab, add any notes you’d like to keep about the applicant. These notes are visible only to the job posting’s hiring team. For more on notes, see View and manage applicant notes.
    3. Make a decision about the applicant:

      • To reveal an applicant, select Reveal Applicant Details. Review the reveal price on the dialog box, and then select Reveal Applicant Details again to confirm. The applicant is moved to the Revealed list.
      • To reject an applicant, select Not Interested, and then select Confirm. The applicant is moved to the Not Interested list.

        By default, the option to send a rejection email to the applicant is selected. As a best practice, we highly recommended to leave this option selected.

      • To postpone deciding either way, select the star icon to the right of the applicant’s initials. The applicant is moved to the Starred list.

        Be sure to return to the starred applicants in future to make a final decision.

  4. Repeat to review each applicant.


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