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Applicants for <job posting> page

Applicants for <job posting> page

When you select a job posting, the Applicants for <job posting> page shows all the applicants who have applied for that job By default, the application of the first applicant who applied for the job is open.

If you want to show applicants for all jobs, select All Jobs from the Applicants for dropdown list.

Use these techniques to get started with the Applicants page

  • Sort the Applicants list – From the Sort dropdown list, select an option by which to sort, for example, by name or date applied.

    Sort drop-down list on the Applicants page showing the Name (A to Z) sort option selected.

  • Filter the Applicants list by review status – Select one or more of the Awaiting Review, Revealed, Screen, Interview, Consider, Offer, or Hired buttons to view only those applicants meeting all selected criteria. Select All Applicants to see all applicants, including those with a "Not Hired" status.

    Filter selections on the Applicants page: Awaiting Review, Revealed, Starred, and Not Interested; showing the Starred filter selected.

    Select additional filtering options from the Filter button and select Apply Filters.

    • Show Only Starred – Show only applicants that you have starred.
    • Hide Not Interested – Hide applicants with a status of "Not Interested".
    • Application Date Range – Select a range of application dates to display.

    Applicants page additional filter options -- Show Only Starred, Hide Not Interested, and Application Date Range

  • Review the applicants – Select applicants one by one from the Awaiting Review list to review each application. For more information, see Review and reveal a job posting’s applicants. Once an applicant is revealed, you will see their contact information and complete application information. Then, you can move that applicant through the hiring stages.

    Section of the Applicants page listing three applicants; two who are awaiting review and one who has been revealed. An applicant who is awaiting review is selected in the list, and this applicant's information is displayed.

  • Move an applicant through hiring stages. See Advance an applicant through the hiring process.
  • Send an email to the applicant. See Send and manage applicant email.
  • Call the applicant and take notes on the call. See View and manage applicant notes.
  • Send an assessment to the applicant. See Send an assessment to an applicant.
  • Schedule an interview for the applicant. See Schedule and conduct interviews.
  • Upload documents for an applicant. See Manage applicant documents.

Applicants page for a job posting, with callouts to various parts of the page.

  1. Job post – Select to view a different job posting or all job postings.
  2. Filter status – Select one to filter your applicants by status. Select Filter to further refine your filter criteria.
  3. Applicants – Select an applicant from the list to view their details.
  4. Not Interested/Advance – Select a button to either reject the applicant or advance the applicant to the next stage of the hiring process.
  5. Email – Select to email the applicant directly.
  6. Show Phone – Select to display the applicant’s phone number and to add notes about this applicant.
  7. More – Select one of the options from the dropdown list.

    • Send Assessment
    • Send Offer Letter
    • Delete Applicant
  8. Information tabs – Select a tab to display related information about this applicant.
  9. Edit – Select to edit applicant information.
  10. Update or Upload – Select to update or upload a new resume.
  11. Update or Upload – Select to update or upload a new cover letter.
  12. Add Documents, Create Offer Letter or Download – Select to add documents to the application, create an offer letter, or download any of the documents.
  13. Edit – Select to edit an applicant's contact information (name, email, and phone).


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