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Why do I have to provide salary information for my job postings?

Why do I have to provide salary information for my job postings?

SimplyHired requires that every job posting must include salary information.

We want to help you find high quality applicants fast. To accomplish this, your job listings need to be competitive and attractive to job seekers. We have found that over 75% of jobs posted online include salary information. Job seekers are more likely to apply for jobs with transparent salary information – job listings that include salaries receive about 2.4 times more applications than those that do not.

In fact, in some areas, including salary information in a job posting is the law. For example, New York City has passed legislation requiring employers to post salary ranges in job listings, and many more municipalities and states have similar legislation in progress.

Finally, many job seekers have a clear idea of the salary they are looking for. So it’s to your benefit to provide job seekers with enough information for them to know if they will want to apply.

By requiring salary information in job listings, we are staying ahead of market shifts to give our clients a competitive and leading-edge advantage.

Salary information is just one part of a successful job description. Also see What should I include in a job description?

Ready to get started? Post a job, and follow our instructions in Draft your first job posting – step-by-step in case you need help.


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