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About Zapier

About Zapier

You can use Zapier to automatically export revealed applicant information from their job posting application in SimplyHired to external apps where you can review, manage, and process that information.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier works by connecting a trigger in SimplyHired with one or more actions. Every time the trigger happens in SimplyHired, Zapier will take the associated actions. A trigger and its associated actions is called a Zap.

There is currently one trigger available for SimplyHired: an applicant reveal.

What do you need to start using Zapier?

You'll need a Zapier account. It's free to sign up at

It's also free to get started using Zapier. The free Zapier plan provides up to 5 Zaps, a 15 minute update time interval for running a Zap task, and up to 100 single-step (one action) Zap tasks per month.

Zapier also has additional levels of service if you need features beyond the free plan. See the Zapier website for details.

What preconfigured Zaps does SimplyHired provide by default?

Currently, SimplyHired offers one preconfigured Zap, Google Sheets.

See the following article for detailed instructions.


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