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About account deactivations

About account deactivations

When you create a company account with SimplyHired, your identification and company affiliation is verified. We do this to ensure SimplyHired account owners are real and vetted employers. Company account verification is one step we take towards keeping SimplyHired free of fraud and safe for job seekers.

However, because fraud and scams targeting job seekers are ongoing and evolving, as a second step, we also monitor the quality of jobs posted on SimplyHired on a continual basis. This includes monitoring job titles, job descriptions, screener questions, compensation, and all other job details for violations to our Terms of Service.

Any issues that arise out of the company account verification or job post monitoring could cause your account to be deactivated. If your account has been deactivated, you’ll see the following message the next time you sign into SimplyHired:

Screen shot showing the text that is displayed for a deactivated account, as well as showing links to the terms of service and contact us form.

If you believe your account was deactivated in error, you may file an appeal by selecting the Contact Us link and completing the associated form.

To avoid account deactivation, follow the guidelines in SimplyHired Job Posting Guidelines for all of your job posts.

For additional information on account deactivation and account verification, please see the following related FAQs:


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