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How much detail is provided on billing statements?

How much detail is provided on billing statements?

When you select job posting responses and request their contact information, the reveal fee for each one is added to your account. You can review these charges at any time in the Billing section of your account, and they will be included in your monthly billing statement.

Details in the billing section of your account

Billing information for your account can be seen any time in the History tab of the Billing section of your account.

Log into your account. Click the down arrow by your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Billing. Here you can see the number of reveals in the billing cycle, the amount that has been paid, and the remaining amount due. You can also select different billing cycles to review.

Here is an example of the billing information shown in the Billing section of your account:

Billing page

Details in your monthly billing statement

Billing statements are delivered to your email address every month. Each statement will include an invoice number, billing date, and a total amount billed.

The billing statement then shows a breakdown of the charges for each job, showing the following detail:

  • Job title and location
  • Cost per reveal for this job
  • Number of reveals in the statement period for this job
  • Total amount billed for this job

The amount due for all the jobs in this billing period are then added together and shown in the subtotal. If your account has any credits or past due amounts then this will be subtracted from or added to the subtotal to show the final billing total.

Refund credits will appear as “promotional credits” on the invoice, but these are different from the actual promotional credits provided by SimplyHired.

Here is an example of an emailed monthly billing statement:

example of monthly billing statement

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