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What makes SimplyHired different from other job boards?

What makes SimplyHired different from other job boards?

Many other job boards charge you a fee for each job listing, or charge you a per-click or per-application fee regardless of your assessment of the applicants. With this model you could potentially pay to post your job but then receive no applicants. Or you may receive applicants who are not qualified for the position—putting you back at square one.

This pay-per-listing model can be a great solution for large companies or those with less specialized or high-volume hiring. In fact, if you need to hire a large number of employees for a role with minimal qualifications, then you might prefer to head over to!

SimplyHired’s pay-per-contact model is ideal for small to medium companies with fewer positions to fill or those looking for applicants who meet higher qualifications. With this model, instead of paying to list a job, you only pay to reveal the contact information of applicants you deem qualified. Even if your job post receives many, many responses, you only pay for those specific applicants that look to you to be a good fit.

Finally, when you list your job with SimplyHired, the listing also gets premium visibility on Indeed as well as on over 100 additional job boards. This means using SimplyHired to look for your next employee gives you the best visibility with the lower per-applicant SimplyHired pricing.


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