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How many job seekers does SimplyHired have in different locations/markets?

How many job seekers does SimplyHired have in different locations/markets?

SimplyHired is used by about 34.7 million US job seekers – so your job postings are available to a lot of people who are looking for a job! And posting your job to SimplyHired puts your job posting in front of more than just our SimplyHired job seekers. When you post a job on SimplyHired, your listing will also get premium visibility on Indeed and on 100+ additional job sites, making it visible to millions of job seekers. Maybe the next one will be your best employee!

On average, a job posted to SimplyHired can expect up to 25 responses, but for some jobs that number gets into the 40s and even higher. How many applicants you will get depends on your job description, making some job listings more successful than others. Read our article on Tips for writing a good job description.

Job seekers and employers alike appreciate that SimplyHired validates content and users to provide high quality job listings to job seekers, and to provide qualified applicants to those with positions to fill. This is one of the reasons that SimplyHired continues to have a high number of qualified job seekers visit the site to look for their next opportunity.

As for the locations of potential applicants, most of the job seekers who apply for jobs on SimplyHired are located in the United States. SimplyHired currently accepts job posts for companies based in the United States looking to fill jobs in the US. However, about 13.6 million additional job seekers visit SimplyHired from outside of the US. Many of these are looking for remote positions or are looking to relocate to the United States.

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